David Barber- Wheelchair Rugby Journey


David Barber- Wheelchair Rugby Journey


GB camp 20th September

hi guys, i just got back from camp

i was good at: my focus and pushing was better this GB camp, i improved in my communication.

i need to improve at: line trap (a line trap is where the opposition traps the inbounder, and prevents him/her from assisting their team.)


as always Keep Pushing On

GB camp

hi guys, as always i loved camp and learning how to enhance my skills. This time in camp i learnt a new key attack! heres what i think i need to improve on and what i think i was good at.

i was good at: inbounding, as well as knowing whar i have to do to help my team mates during a new key attack.

i need to improve at: communicating with my team mates as well as not doubting myself.

GB Camp 28th-30th June 2019

Hi guys, i got back last night from GB camp. despite it being hot i really enjoyed myself. 

What i am good at: In this GB camp i felt like i did go passing.

What i want to improve: I felt like i need to improve at talking to players when i need the ball.

Hopefully i improve for next time, until then keep pushing on.

Whats this page is about:

Hi guys, this page is going to be all about training.
I train with both my home team 'Canterbury Hellfire's' and Great Britain's development squad.

Hopefully you will enjoy photos, videos and infomation about training, as well as join my journey learning new training drills and watching me improve along the way.

As always Keep Pushing On!!!!!😀