David Barber- Wheelchair Rugby Journey


David Barber- Wheelchair Rugby Journey




Canterbury College Article

Hi guys, Canterbury College has just released an article about me!😁 Make sure you check it out! the link is added below, simple click on it and the link will take you straight to the article and as always Keep Pushing On!!


Hi guys, as you know I have a condition called cerebral palsy. I was born premature and spent the beginning of my life in an incubator. My mum had to have an emergency C-section and thanks to that trip to theater I am here today. Its unknown if I have CP from that ordeal but its thought that it was that, that cause the bleed which inevitably caused me having this condition. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I would not change it, I was once asked if I could take a magic pill and my CP be gone, would I do it? My answer is no. No I wouldn’t, because as much as I not defined by my disability, it is a part of me. and its because of this disability I can do the thing I love, wheelchair rugby. I think that’s when you truly know you love something, when it makes you embrace every element of yourself, even the things you maybe not so long ago liked. Long story short, love yourself, I am not a huge believer of God or a higher power, however I do believe we are here to serve a purpose and that one day that purpose will make itself known, until next time, Keep Pushing On!!

About me 

Hi guys its David. firstly i want to start by welcoming you to my website. As many of you know I play wheelchair rugby, currently I play for my home team ‘canterbury hellfire's.’ as well as ‘Great Britain’s development squad.’ I am 19 and a full time wheelchair user. I am a lover of sports and a determined young man who is lucky enough to be doing something love. I'm very passionate about wheelchair rugby for many reasons, one being its given me the chance to not only do something with my life but also learn and succeed in something I absolutely love. Wheelchair rugby (also known as murderball.) is a sport for those who are not classed as abled bodied. I myself suffer with a lifetime condition called Cerebral palsy, and have done my entire life. My disability affects my entire body but it has NEVER affected my love and passion for sports, growing up i watched my siblings and cousins play sports such as football (and joined in where I could of course.) however as I got older this became harder, wheelchair rugby allows me to develop and flourish in my love for sports, as well as grow as a person; it taught me the true meaning of hard work as well as the fact HAVING A DISABILITY DOES NOT STOP YOU FROM DOING WHAT YOU LOVE! I hope to continue to do this amazing sport, as well as teach younger and older generations that, anything is possible if you work hard for it, this quote defines what I am about “ A dream doesn't become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”-colin powell. i will be updating my blog along my journey, as well as taking you with me to competitions, celebrating even more victories and keeping you updated about sponsers and exciting new developments, and i hope you 'keep pushing on' with me (did you see what i did there haha.) 


'The only thing that will make you happy, is being happy with who you are.'- unknown. This quote speaks a lot to me as a person. When i was younger i struggled to except the fact i could not physically do what other kids could do... and i wish i could speak to that little boy and tell him, that one day you will find something that you not only love, but something that will make you so happy in yourself that that fear you once had of 'not fitting in' 'not being able to keep up.' or 'I'm not like them.' will disappear and you'll be proud of being who you are.