David Barber- Wheelchair Rugby Journey


David Barber- Wheelchair Rugby Journey


1st July 2019

Hi guys, i just uploaded a new post on my 'training with me' section, make sure you check it out!

Today is going to be a day of relaxing due to the fact i got back from camp yesterday evening. 

Keep Pushing On!



hi guys, Today im getting my stuff ready for camp tomorrow! im excited to do some training and will let you know how it goes when i get home sunday evening!!until then keep pushing on

Hi guys, i just wanted to touch on the importance of family. Family by definition means “a group consisting of two parents and their children living together as a unit.” However as many of you know this is not always the case. My house hold consists of, me, my mum and my two sister as well as our dogs and birds (we like animals in my house haha.) However I am very close to my grandparents and I also have an older brother. Family has many meanings, you may not always get along with your family, or family members many not always be blood related, but I believe the definition of family is ‘People or animals who are there unconditionally whether they are blood related or not. That no issue is too large to help battle and no victory is left uncelebrated no matter how small!” I just want to thank my family for being with me through everything, for being with me through victories and defeats, and most importantly loving me unconditionally. Keep pushing on guys.

12 June 2019

hi guys, hope everyones wednesday was good. i spent the day at college and then went to wheelchair rugby training, i will upload some videos to my training page tomorrow, until then, keep pushing on.

11th June 2019

Hi guys, today my admin is working out a fitness and meal plan for me. 
Lately training has been a little slow and i am worried about maintaining my fitness levels. So since progress starts at home im going to make my fitness a priority. i will keep you updated on my progress! keep pushing on 

10th june 2019

Hi guys, today is a monday which means its a start to a new week, a chance to make a change, a clean slate! 

Today im going swimming, this is a great way to keep up my fitness and a brillaint start to a productive week!

Remember to keep pushing on